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Cute Tamil actress, Bhavana is now in a bad case of rehabilitation of the home she recently bought for. That is one of the India’s most expensive real estate areas, Mumbai beach in India, and cost approximately 300 million Rupees, but the amount has multiplied in debt after the reform in a bomb attacked.

Now Bhavana been on a protest skilled who contributed to the project but they believe a debt keel wages.

Actress Bhavana herself is just shocked and says she’s going to sell her house because she is tired now from same routine bathing songs and blue films for Tamil film industry. People commit suicide because of this project and it will be divorce already undertaken reforms. I understand it well. It shreds the heart of man, “Bhavana.

Bombay bought the house at 1.4 million and immediately began to change and improve. Among other things, she creates a mosaic wall of mirror fragments, and swimming area was laid tiles made of platinum.
On that occasion said that 42-year-old knobby “It is here that the magic occurs? I’m going to put platinum tiles on the floor, it is expensive! “

But now we have updated all the projects stopped and Bhavana has a variety of appeals. Five contractors tell her a debt of 1.1 million dollars in unpaid invoices. Self says it own money for this but refuses to pay until they bring “fair” value.

source : http://www.bollywoodlolly.com

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