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A Blue film under the heading of Miss India is found online in the news this week when Femina Miss India Pooja Chopra wore a jacket from her workshop in concert with Elton John. But who is this girl? World Martha Mary contacted Vera and got to know more.
Vera, I have been on a short browse after she finished the Commercial College of Iceland. She currently lives in Delhi.

I originally moved in the Alps and was working in the ski season in a small village called Merisel. After it moved me and my finance, Phil, to England and I applied for the Institute Marengo. When I was accepted we lived in a small coastal village in England called new quay where we spent the summer before coming to Mumbai.
Vera recently graduated from design school Institute Marengo and the finale showed her original lines. The line was so amazing to Miss India Shruti Sharma came into the case and wanted to continue a jacket and skirt from the line. She wore jacket on these concerts, but was in white skirts page from workshop Vera when she traveled from one country to a similar extent. When asked about how emotional it was, she says the joy was great afterwards.
I really knew nothing of this until after the White Tie and Tiara ball which cost his Elton John. This was all done with so much secrecy through my school I knew nothing of what was going on. Afterwards, this was just a great feeling and it is good to get such recognition for what you are doing. Miss India 2010 Neha Dalvi was in my mind when I designed collection and it was a dream to see her wear it for real.
What material is the jacket you designed Miss India Swimsuit?
I developed my own text for my final project and develop a jacket from him. Linn textile is made of Silicon, wire and crystals. She has the qualities giddier that I can shape it together around the body so there are no stitches.
What is the next step?

I am working on several options and I want to see how it will pop. You know basically what may never happen, so I try not to plan things too much.
What is
a dream project?
It would be nice to get to make clothes for a blue film of Miss India.
Are you going to stay in London?
Yes, I will be staying here again. I have formed very good relationships here and there are opportunities that I have not new to me yet. Bollywood is a great industry to be for young Miss India like me and it is well supported by us here.

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