>“Most Beautiful Police Flower” Saves Suicide Jumper Girl


From Sina:

Yesterday at 1pm, a young female climbed atop a building at Tongzhi Street and Qinghua Road in Changchun City wanting to commit suicide.. Firefighters and local police tried to persuade her but she refused to come down.
At a crucial moment, a female police officer who was driving by volunteered to climb onto the building’s roof and find a way to get close to the female. Over one hour later, this female flipped over the side of the building, and at the critical moment, the female police officer reached out and grabbed her firmly.
However, after saving this life, this female police officer consistently refused to disclose her name, and there were many opinions amongst the onlookers regarding this female police officer’s identity. Just who is this female police flower? Presently there are no detailed information, but we believe a follow-up report will bring the people this good result. Police, a position/identity that has become estranged and distant from the people in recent years, has once again earned some warmth through this beautiful police flower.
As a police officer “passing by”, she could have pretended that nothing was happening like many other people, even like many other police officers. However, due to her care for life and respect for her occupation, she still had the courage to stand forward and while risking her own safety save this young female. This is the kind of police that is in the hearts of the people!
The one thing worth our satisfaction is that the journalist recorded this female police flower’s beautiful appearance and her life-saving actions. In the midst of netizen discussions, the one thing that has not changed is what this female police flower has been called: most beautiful police flower! Now let us keep in mind the respect we have for this female police flower while we view the thrilling life and death pictures of what happened!
The young girl wanted to commit suicide because of a problem she had with the boss of the restaurant she worked in.

The original high quality photographs from NetEase:
More pictures of Wang Yuhui, the “most beautiful police flower” from Sohu:


Wang Yuhui

Eyes with tears of joy.

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