>Cambridge students celebrate 'Suicide Sunday' with binge drinking and all-women jelly wrestling


They are supposed to be the brightest and the best we have to offer, but yesterday Cambridge students showed they were also some of our biggest drinkers.
The university’s notorious end-of-exams ‘Suicide Sunday’ party lived up to its reputation with a series of alcohol-fuelled garden parties across the city hosted by its drinking societies.

One female student had to be helped by a friend after she appeared to collapse unconscious at the side of a road outside Magdalene College’s ‘Gentlemen’s Wyverns’ event.
The drinking club was forced to relocate their party from college grounds for the first time in 80 years after a woman student was arrested for punching a spectator during 2008’s all-female jelly wrestling competition.

Hundreds of students were bussed to Anstey Hall, a restored 17th-century manor house five miles from the city centre.
Extra security and police were also drafted in this time to patrol the party, whilst other college celebrations were cancelled.

src : http://www.democraticunderground.com

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