>Nude Sculpture of Angelina Jolie to Debut in Norman…..


It’s somewhat unclear to me why Norman, Oklahoma was chosen for the unveiling of a sculpture depicting actress Angelina Jolie nude and breast-feeding her twin infants. News stories mention the fact that Jolie’s partner Brad Pitt is from Shawnee as well as that “Brangelina” documentarian Cory Allen is from Norman. Or perhaps it’s just that in the statue Jolie is demonstrating the so-called “football hold” breast-feeding technique
Either way, the statue, titled “Landmark for Breastfeeding,” is set to debut September 11th at Norman’s MAINSITE Contemporary Art Studio before heading off to an exhibition in London. Artist Daniel Edwards is known for his somewhat controversial celebrity sculptures, including the “Monument to Pro-Life” depicting a nude Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug. For the Jolie sculpture, Edwards has said that it is intended to encourage more women to breast-feed and raise awareness for nursing in public.
src : okc.about.com

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