>Wow….More Topless Photos of Miss California Carrie Prejean Uncovered….


Miss California Topless Miss California Carrie Prejean seems to think she’s being persecuted because of her Christian beliefs, but that’s getting harder to believe with the release of each new topless photo. Prejean told pageant officials last Tuesday that the topless photo that surfaced last week was the only one she ever posed for. But now, the beauty queen will have to explain how TMZ obtained several additional photos of her wearing not much more than Adam and Eve, before that serpent led them astray.
Now, the world awaits news of whether Miss Universe co-owner Donald Trump will say, “You’re Fired.” Doesn’t it seem like we’ve been down this road before? Oh yeah, we have.
Update: The Donald has spoken, and Miss California gets to keep her crown..

src : weirdnews.about.com/

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