>Sigourney Weaver lets her dignity slip as she flashes her underwear on daytime TV chat show..


While some younger Hollywood starlets have gained notoriety by flashing their underwear in public,, the public looks to the older generation of actresses to set an example..
As she approaches her 60th birthday this year, Sigourney Weaver is looking  better than ever.
Appearing on U.S. morning show The View yesterday, Sigourney revealed every inch of her long legs… and then some as she sat on the sofas in the studio.
Sigourney Weaver did a Sharon Stone as she appeared to flash the audience of a U.S TV show 
Flasher: Sigourney Weaver shows her underwear to the audience as she chats to Joy Behar on U.S. talk show The View
The talk show’s hosts Barbara Walters, Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd and Elisabeth Hasselbeck were unaware Sigourney was flashing her underwear to both the studio and TV audience at home.
On the show to promote her new movie Prayers For Bobby, Sigourney unwittingly aped the famous scene in the movie Basic Instinct, in which Sharon Stone’s character flashed the police while crossing her legs.
However, unlike Sharon’s character in the 1992 film, fortunately Sigourney had underwear on.
The 5’11 actress outshone the presenters on the show – including Elisabeth who is 28 years younger – in a purple mini dress and killer heels.
Sigourney Weaver did a Sharon Stone as she appeared to flash the audience of a U.S TV show. 
Talking point: Sigourney was promoting her new film Prayers for Bobby
After walking into the studio and greets the hosts, Sigourney went for a special hug with comedienne Joy and ended up displaying her underwear to the studio.
But her exposure didn’t last too long with Sigourney spending most of the episode were her legs elegantly crossed.
Recently, the actress admitted she was bored of people asking her about Alien 5.
After playing Ellen Ripley in four of the sci-fi movies, she has said goodbye to the character… for now.
She said: ‘I think its satisfying to create something new. I love the Alien films, but I think enough already.’

Sigourney Weaver did a Sharon Stone as she appeared to flash the audience of a U.S TV show.
Ladies talk: Sigourney joined The View’s five hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg, on the sofa

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