Women's police station had been stripped naked in public surveys can not be convicted of the year

Daily News (Xinhua Wang forward) and neighbor disputes occur, the neighbor man hands together, in the street will be stripped of her clothes. Station involved in the investigation, can be almost a year is not closed.

downtown dispute was also stripped of clothes

victim called Fan flower (a pseudonym), 55-year-old, who lives in Ruzhou Yang Louzhen double damiaocun.

Zhengchang Tai tells her husband what happened.

2009 年 12 24, his house, walls, neighbors that the puzzle over the world. “To more than 5 pm, the neighbor man came home from work, and lead his son, nephew, broke into my house, my family and all his pen down.” Zhengchang Tai said.

Fan flower to speak out against, is pressed down to the ground, neighbors, someone shouted: “chops her clothes!” The other man in the street in front of everyone on the face, the range of underwear and belts all the flower picking to heel, and kicked her. “She was hospitalized did not say, mainly shame ah.” Zhengchang Tai said.

year investigation the police station to no avail

Zhengchang Tai said: “This thing is very clear, can be checked almost a year the police station did not conclude, let us nowhere rights.” < / p>

this, the district police station, said director of rattan, when they closed to the public order cases, the parties that this is an insult to women, crime, criminal cases should be qualitative.

“qualitative criminal case by case, whether the crime or as a general insult to insult women by force the offense to the characterization, there have been differences.” Vine Director introduced, as a general insult to the crime, is the private prosecution, the press force crime of insulting women, is the prosecution case, for this case, between the two boundaries are not clear, they sought the advice of many experts, opinions are not uniform.

Henan Guoji Zhang Shengli law firm that the case is clear, is to force an insult to women, crime, public prosecution case is that there is no qualitative difficult problem.


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